Why spring singleton is not thread safe?

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What does indexof return in java?

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how can we import the user defined package without classpath?

1 Answers   CSC, Infosys,

Which collection object is faster to retrieving the data and inserting the data into it.

2 Answers   Jamcracker, Virtusa,

How many types of variables are there?

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What are the types of methodology?

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What about main() method in java ?

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How Vector class is synchronized,How to build user defined class as synchronized?

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What is getclass () getname () in java?

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How can we make copy of a java object?

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What is a priority queue java?

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Which One is optimal to choose ? Syncronized hash map or Hash table with single thread model? How can a hash map syncronized with out using syncrozed blocks in programm?

3 Answers   Four soft,

What is data abstraction? Elaborate with example?

4 Answers   BMC, TCS,