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What language is pass by reference?

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What is broken and continue statement?

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What is the file extension for java?

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What is internal variable?

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Is multiple inheritance supported by java?

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What are the differences between the constructors and methods?

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How do you get length in java?

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What is the use of callablestatement?

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Which is easier netbeans or eclipse?

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What is hash in java?

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How are multiple inheritances done in Java?

0 Answers   Atos Origin,

We are seeing so many videos/audios as many web sited. But question is these videos or audios are stored in Databases ( Oracle, Mysql, Sybase,... ) or stored any file directory from there they will give the link for that? Pls explain and give sample code to achieve this one? Thanks, Seenu.

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what difference between throw and throws in exception handling.

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