What are keywords in c++?

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What is the difference between a type-specific template friend class and a general template friend class?

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What is decltype c++?

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Write about the local class and mention its use?

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What does ctime() do?

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What is the use of map in c++?

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What are the various storage classes in C++?

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Which of the Standard C++ casts can be used to perform a ?safe? downcast: a) reinterpret_cast b) dynamic_cast c) static_cast d) const_cast

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Is c++ faster than c?

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What is null pointer and void pointer and what is their use?

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#include<iostream.h> void main() { class x { public: int func(int) { cout<<"cool"; return 1; } } }

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When the design recommends static functions?

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Is c++ vector a linked list?

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