What does #define mean in c++?

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how many trys can we write in one class

3 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Difference between linked list and array?

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Given a simple program designed to take inputs of integers from 1-1000 and to output the factorial value of that number, how would you test this program? You do not have access to the code. Please be as specific as possible.

4 Answers   Microsoft,

What is enum class in c++?

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sir there is some problem with nokia5130c-2,when we are trying to upload movies from net then there is a error occurred"FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED" bt its all ready in 3gp format.please tell me what i do now?

2 Answers   Nokia,

Can you be bale to identify between straight- through and cross- over cable wiring? And in what case do you use straight- through and cross-over?

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What is set in c++?

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Can you please explain the difference between static and dynamic binding of functions?

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How do you invoke a base member function from a derived class in which you’ve overridden that function?

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What is functions syntax in c++?

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Differentiate between late binding and early binding.

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What is function overriding?

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