Define the multicast routing?

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What is Phase od VPN in site to site and what information you will require to configure a SITE to SITE VPN

0 Answers   Infosys,

Which layer is responsible for coordinating communication between systems? A.) Application B.) Network C.) Session D.) Transport E.) Physical F.) Data Link

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We have one router,we r using two routing protocol eigrp 90 net, ospf 110 net on same router, Is it possible?

6 Answers   Wipro,

Which of the following is an invalid host address using a netmask of A.) B.) C.) D.)

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What are four ways that Fast Ethernet compares to 10BaseT Ethernet? (Choose four) A. Fast Ethernet uses the same Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) B. Fast Ethernet is based on an extension to the IEEE 802.3 specification C. Fast Ethernet uses the same Media Access Control (MAC) mechanisms D. Fast Ethernet preserves the frame format that is used by 10BaseT Ethernet E. Fast Ethernet errors a speed increase one hundred times that of the 10BaseT Ethernet

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Identify the 2 methods to modify the routers boot sequence? A.) Setup program B.) Boot system commands C.) RXBoot D.) Config-register

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What is the simplest way to remotely configure a router?

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what is lmi? how many type of lmi's we are using ...

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Which can be true regarding VLANs? A.) They are created by location B.) They are created by function C.) They are created by department D.) They are created by group

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Which type of updates eigrp protocol do?

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Which range of possible numbers do standard ipx access lists have? A. 100 199 B. 600 699 C. 800 899 D. 1000-1099

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Why Clock rate command is not configured on ethernet interface of a router?

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