Which protocol you manually enable route summarization?

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What is the most common layer 2 device? A. Hub B. Router C. Switch D. Repeater

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In Novell's use of RIP, there are two metrics used to make routing decisions. Select the two metrics. A. Ticks. B. Hops C. Loops D. Counts

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What is required to support full-duplex Ethernet? A.) Multiple paths between multiple stations on a link B.) Automatic sensing operation by all connected stations C.) Loopback and collision detection disabled D.) Full-duplex NIC cards

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What is the command to manually enter a static route? A.) IP route network B.) IP route C.) IP route < destination network> D.) IP route

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What requirements should a VPN fulfill?

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What is the function of Layer 2 Device?

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What is Route Poisoning?

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What is the difference between named and extended acl?

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Write out a config to permit only the below MAC address to pass traffic through a port on your switch. in another way writhe a confrigation which permit only mac address trfaic through a port of your switch

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You have OSPF traffic flooding your network via one of your router interfaces. Write the access list line that will deny all ospf traffic. Don't worry about the other lines of the access list.

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When we use interface mode?

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In order to configure a Frame Relay subinterface with IP identify the 2 commands that must be configured on the physcial interface? A.) Router(config-if)# encapsulation frame-relay B.) Router(config-if)# no ip address C.) Router(config-if)#encapsulation subinterface frame-relay D.) Router(config)# subinterface s0 encapsulation frame-relay

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