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Explain me where a cash discount should be recorded in journal entry?

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How to calculate TDS on Directors Remuneration if director's age is around 35 years and salary is 59000/- per month. please suggest me with complete detail.

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Outstanding rent

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Tell us what is icai?

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What is f form and where it is used?

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credit rating

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1. ABC Pvt. Ltd acquired the right to publish a book entitled “Accountancy easy” From Writer at a royalty of Rs. 20 per copy of the book sold. The minimum rent was fixed at Rs. 30,000 per year. It was agreed, that the short workings of any year can be recouped with in 2 years immediately following the year in which short workings occurred. The no. of copies sold during the five years was as following: 1. 1st year -1000 2. 2nd year -1400 3. 3rd year -1800 4. 4th year -3000 5. 5th year -1200 Show royalties account in the books of the publisher.

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some example of prepaid expance

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What will be the general entry for purchase return? What will be the general entry for sales return?

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What is tally accounting?

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while raising credit note for price difference,is it mandatory to charge excise duty 12.36% and vat 14.5% on local supplies

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cash credit taken from bank then what is the general entry?

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what is difference between trail balance and balance sheet

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