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Tell us what is icai?

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What is treasury operation..? How does it work..?

0 Answers  


0 Answers   Capital IQ,

Define trade bills?

0 Answers  

what is the rate of purchasing computer goods from Gujarat, with C form, and what is the rate to sale it in Diu (Union Territory).

1 Answers   ASD Lab,

what is difference between depriciation and depriciation reserve ? how to treat depriciation in the books of accounts

4 Answers  

we have paid diwali bonus by chq.. pls let me know how to enter the same in tally and in under which head..Explain pls

7 Answers  

Can you differentiate accounting and auditing?

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List the type of transactions entered in journal proper.

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What is Contra Voucher 

2 Answers   Government,

What is a comprehensive income?

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What is a Payment Format

0 Answers   Accenture, Genpact,

what is different between accouts receivable and billing?

1 Answers