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What is the administration server?

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I have a process running on one of my unix terminals, but I cannot close the terminal window as the process will terminate. How can I transfer this process to a background process?

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What are the advantages of using application servers?

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Explain the difference between dynamic and non-dynamic changes in the console?

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How can I debug the java code that I have running in weblogic server? : BEA Weblogic

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Are foreign destinations handled within foreign jms messages? : BEA Weblogic

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What causes exceptions in the log file of weblogic server?

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what is proxy? how it is used in real time?

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what is the weblogi licence?

3 Answers   TCS,

How does sorting on message priority work? : BEA Weblogic

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What is Domain? how many domains are possible in a single instance?

3 Answers   Wipro,

What is mulicast and unicast in weblogic?

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How many deployment descriptor files does a cmp entity bean deployed on the weblogic server have? : BEA Weblogic

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