Explain the terms unicast, multicast, broadcast.

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Which of the following encapsulation types can be used on leased-line connections? (Choose two) ❍ A. HDLC ❍ B. Frame Relay ❍ C. ISDN ❍ D. PPP

10 Answers   Wipro,

Which device listed below provides clocking for the line? A.) DCE B.) CPE C.) CO D.) DTE E.) Demarc

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what is the reason for creating vlans

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Which OSI layer end to end communication, segmentation and re-assembly? A.) Network B.) Transport C.) Physical D.) Application E.) Data-Link F.) Presentation

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what the exact definition of Ethernet.plz reply as soon soon as possible

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What is 100BaseFX?

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What are the 3 ways routers learn paths to destination networks? A.) Dynamic B.) Static C.) Routing tables D.) Default

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Can you explain IKE phases? Can you explain IKE modes?

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What is the difference between csma/cd?

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Identify 3 characteristics of ISDN? A.) Transports voice and data B.) Transports voice only C.) Support both BRI and PRI D.) Runs over existing phone lines E.) Same as X.25

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Explain types of communication in ipv4?

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whats the routing protocol supporting in both juniper , cisco routers.

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