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Write about an internal command.

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What is the makefile in c?

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How we can set the password length in linux?

2 Answers   Wipro,

What is the difference between clang and llvm?

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What is the difference between find and locate command in linux?

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How do I clear terminal command history?

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What is ulimit command?

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Explain about gzip filename?

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What is the command to check cpu speed in linux?

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What is Syntax of any Linux command?

0 Answers   UGC Corporation,

In a company there are 3 groups i.e Finance, HR and Marketing. Each groups having 3 members. There is a file named as file1.txt. The permission set for the above file is rwx-rw----x. Now the question is only the members of Hr and Marketing group can view and edit the file. But the file is not accessible to the members of Finance Group. Can anyone tell me what would be the exact command for linux.root@localhost#<type the exact linux command>

3 Answers   Six Sigma,

What is the command to delete a file linux?

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Who am I command in linux?

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