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What is a session? Can you share a session object between different theads?

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What state does a thread enter when it terminates its processing?

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what is difference between object state and behaviour?

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What is JNI?

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what is the proxy pattern?

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What is local interface. How values will be passed?

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Describe, in general, how java's garbage collector works?

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diff mvc1 and mvc2 wahts is mean by servlet chaining?

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What’s jboss cache in short?

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int x=5,i=1,y=0; while(i<=5) { y=x++ + ++x; i=i+2; } System.out.println(x); System.out.println(y); System.out.println(i); How to solve this? Please explain!

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What is meant by multi-threading?

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What is the lifecycle of an applet?

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What is synchronization and why is it important?

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