What is threadfactory?

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What is colon_pkg_prefixes and what is its use?

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What are the thread-to-thread communcation?

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Can I use multiple html form elements with the same name?

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How are commas used in the intialization and iteration parts of a for statement?

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What is re-entrant. Is session beans reentrant. Is entity beans reentrant?

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Why DOM Parser would take more Memory than SAX parser while they are parsing?

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cud u help me ... i am struggling with this question... to find all the subsets of a given set for ex.... a,,b,c shud give all the subsets.... i gt the program in c bt nt able to get it in java..... help needed ..

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What is the difference between a stub and a skeleton?

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difference between Abstract and Interface?

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What is scalable, portability in the view of J2EE?

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When is the best time to validate input?

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Can I use javascript to submit a form?

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