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Define executive accounting?

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Contents of a Balance sheet

6 Answers  

what is the meaning of revenue income and revenue expenditure

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Purchase Goods worth rs.1000/ icluding vat of rs 40/ & Service charge receive 1000/ including service charge rs 123.60/ What will be entry in Tally? Please Define me?

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Hey guyz I m looking for a Job in Accounts Sector can anyone help me I hve 2 yrs of work experience...

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Tell us what is your proudest accomplishment?

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Why is an ‘Alternate Payee’ used

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using examples, examine the relevance of the following as final accouting adjustments; 1.reserves 2.provisions 3.disposal of assets 4.control accounts

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List out the stages of double entry system?

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what is golden rules of account?

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what is form H

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The balance sheet prepared for a

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what are the nationalised banks?

2 Answers