What it means by test harness?

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What is web application testing

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Can anyone provide the definitions for the following abbreviations? Thanx to anyone who could CIT CAP

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When a bug is found, what is the first action?

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Find odd man out related to EA a) Play fish b) Take2 c) Hasbro d) Pogo

8 Answers   EA Electronic Arts,

What is a test harness?

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Write a function Occurrences() in a language of your choice that takes in two strings. The first is a search string, and the second is a sentence. For example, running the function: Running Occurrences ("o", "Red Gate Software - Ingeniously Simple Tools") will output: Occurrences of 'o': 4 Occurrences ("at", "The cat sat on the mat") will output: Occurrences of 'at': 3 Sample Question 2: 2)Below is Notepad's File/Save dialog. a) If you were asked to test this dialog, how would you go about it? b) List various inputs you might place into the "File name" text field to test it.

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Explain test bed?

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Explain in a testing project what testing activities would you automate?

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what are the different types of questions in testing from related to projects, plz help me in quickly

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what would be the test plan for agile testing??

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I got an offer from TCS as a software engineer, But it says I will work for TCS BPO, Is there any difference in policies of TCS BPO and TCS-IT Services.How is the Working enviornment and appriasal procedure

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What is control chart?

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