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What is failure?

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Difference between Verification and validation.

3 Answers   Cap Gemini,

what is the difference b/w functional testing and system testing?

4 Answers  

I’m a test services vendor looking for a test management system that helps me to perform productively. Can anyone help me with this?

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Testing that checks that a modification applied during maintenance has NOT affected the code corresponding to those functions of the system that should be unaffected by the modification is called which one of the following? 1. Acceptance testing 2. Unit testing 3. Regression testing 4. Validation testing 5. System testing

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Hi friends, Could u pls tell the name of the institute who gives realtime project(live project) in manual & automation testing(qtp & load runner) in hyderabad & bangalore?

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What is impact analysis? As a tester how will you do impact analysis in your project?

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kya aurat ko taleem dena islam men jaez hi

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What is user documentation?

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What is bottlenecks? Explain with example.

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Explain regression testing?

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How u r managing the staff unavailability?

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What is the term for decomposing a software program so that latent design information can be extracted? 1. Reengineering 2. Regression 3. Restructuring 4. Reusability 5. Reverse engineering

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