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What is the procedure of ejb container to handle exceptions?

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what is a ejb architecture? and overview of ejb software architecture?

1 Answers  

What is beaninfo ?

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can anyone explain me the workflow of EJB.I have developed an app. in WSAD using an example that contains CMP and session bean.But i am not able to understand the basic flow between diffrent packages.

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What are types in SessionBeans?

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Define EAR, WAR and JAR ?

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What is pub/sub model?

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An EJB client, can marshall an object of the class java.lang.Class to an EJB?

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What is the perpose of EJBs?

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what is mean by com/Dcom ? Please answer me. Advance thanks.

1 Answers   Excel,

How do I use a less than or greater than on a message selector in ejb-jar.xml?

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Can more than a single table be mapped in cmp?

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TX operation funtion executed by?

0 Answers   Satyam,