What are the different types of features of the java collections framework? : java collections

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what is the difference between banking and insurance domain?

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How to call the m1() method of Base class in below snippet ? class Base { public void m1() { System.out.println("Base m1 "); } public void m2() { System.out.println("Base m1 "); } } ====================== class Derived extends Base { public void m1() { System.out.println("Derived m1"); } public void m3() { System.out.println("Derived m3"); } public static void main(String[] args) { Base ob=new Derived(); ob.m1(); //System.out.println("Hello World!"+ob.m1()); } }

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How is hashset maintained in memory by java ?

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Which sorting algorithm is used by collections.sort() in java ?

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Write a postfix expression to (a*(b+c/d)*d-e)

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what is difference between web server and application server?

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2. Write a interface "Car" with the following methods void setName(String) String getName() void setColor(String) String getColor() void setModel(long) long getModel()

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What is need of DAO? Write one simple DAO example?

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what about web architecture?

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What is the servletcontext listener and what is JspContext and page context pls tell in simple words.

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what is java virtual machine

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Hi frnds how to lock an user when he enter wrong credentials more than 3 time using java or j2ee tech take username and password in a bean no need to connect DB and validate give me some sample application code or links its urgent for me thanks in advance

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