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Explain different functions of internal audit?

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What is a cheque

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What Is error of totalling? plz provide the neccessary notes?

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Why there is no opening balance for Profit and Loss Account?Refer me Detailed explanation. Thank you.

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I have had a Accounting experience more than 20 year in General Accounting, Traveling & Tourism, and Air lines. Can I change my Job from Accountant to Auditor- Please give me right advise.

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what is your achivements while conducting articleship during your training period in chartered accountancy course

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What is statutory audit?

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What is the motivation to join as an auditor @ Ernst and Young ?

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What are the reasons for getting audited?

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I have received a sum of Rs.500 worth Bill from Vendor, which is relevent to 2004-05. But Outstanding Expenses not book during that Year? What is the Accounting Policies to book this expenses?

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What's are difference between Capital Reserve & Reserve Capital ?

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How to do an internal audit effectively?

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