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Explain domestic architecture artifacts? : .NET Architecture

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What is ILDASM ?

0 Answers   B-Ways TecnoSoft,

Explain about developer benefit from memory management?

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What happens when you try to update data in a dataset in .net while the record is already deleted in sql server as backend?

0 Answers  

What is a service contract, operation contract and data contract?

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How many types of languages does .net support? name at least 10-15?

12 Answers   Interac, Six Sigma, TechUnity,

What are relation objects in dataset?

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What is VSS? Use of VSS? How can we use VSS in our Application?

4 Answers  

What does the term "green architecture" mean? : .NET Architecture

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Different types of authentication modes in .net framework ?

0 Answers  

Explain difference between machine config vs. Web config? : .NET Architecture

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So what exactly is the configuration file for then?

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What is the difference between an event and a delegate?

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