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What is the difference between "using;" and directly adding the reference from "add references dialog box"?

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can any one tel me hw to connect database connectivity of dot NET and back end as MS access?

1 Answers  

Which among the following two is best and why? Abstract Class and Interface. What is the major difference in between those two except the discrete methods and methods with function definition.

4 Answers   247Customer,

what is prototype design pattern in .net

0 Answers   Infosys,

Is there a way to suppress the finalize process inside the garbage collector forcibly in .net?

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Using com component in .net?

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When we go for html server controls and when we go for web server controls?

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What's a windows process in .net?

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Explain what rare the types of jit and what is econo-jit?

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How do you trigger the paint event in system.drawing?

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What is reflection and what is it for?

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Explain about managed heap?

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What is different between User Control and Web Control and Custom Control?

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