How can I access an I o board directly?

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Why structure is used in c?

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What is the output of below code? main() { static int a=5; printf("%3d",a--); if(a) main(); }

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If "AaBbCc" is passed to the char char x(*a) { a[0]?x(a+1):1; printf("%c",a[0]); return 1; } what will be the output?

6 Answers   Hughes,

int x=sizeof(!5.856); What will value of variable x?

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9 Answers   ADP,

how can make variable not in registers

1 Answers   TCS,

How to establish connection with oracle database software from c language?

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Go through the following code sinippet char a[20]; a="Hello Orcale Test"; will this compile?

4 Answers   Oracle,

write a program to check whether a number is Peterson or not.

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How do I convert a string to all upper or lower case?

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Why do we write return 0 in c?

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without a terminator how can we print a message in a printf () function.

7 Answers   NIIT,