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How can I invoke another program (a standalone executable, or an operating system command) from within a c program?

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More C Interview Questions do you write a function that takes a variable number of arguments? What is the prototype of printf () function? 10.How do you access command-line arguments? 11.what does ‘#include<stdio.h>’ mean? 12.what is the difference between #include<> and #include”…”? 13.what are # pragma staments? 14.what is the most appropriate way to write a multi-statement macro?

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How will you print TATA alone from TATA POWER using string copy and concate commands in C?

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How many main () function we can have in a project?

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Explain the importance and use of each component of this string: Foo.Bar, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=593777ae2d274679d

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Explain how does free() know explain how much memory to release?

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The % symbol has a special use in a printf statement. Explain how would you place this character as part of the output on the screen?

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I came across some code that puts a (void) cast before each call to printf. Why?

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Is it better to use a pointer to navigate an array of values, or is it better to use a subscripted array name?

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What is meant by type casting?

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How a string is stored in c?

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Explain how many levels deep can include files be nested?

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write program on arrays

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