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what are the advantages of JDBC?

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what are the advantages of JDBC?..

Answer / subrahmanyam

JDBC is used to Provide Database Connectivity from java to
Using JavaDataBaseConnectiviy We can update/retrive data
to/from database with java programs

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what are the advantages of JDBC?..

Answer / lokesh chauhan

The advantages of JDBC(java database connectivity) are as
(1)Leverage Existing Enterprise Data
With JDBC technology, businesses are not locked in any
proprietary architecture, and can continue to use their
installed databases and access information easily -- even
if it is stored on different database management systems.

(2)Simplified Enterprise Development
The combination of the Java API and the JDBC API makes
application development easy and economical. JDBC hides the
complexity of many data access tasks, doing most of
the "heavy lifting"for the programmer behind the scenes.
The JDBC API is simple to learn, easy to deploy, and
inexpensive to maintain.

(3)Zero Configuration for Network Computers
With the JDBC API, no configuration is required on the
client side. With a driver written in the Java programming
language, all the information needed to make a connection
is completely defined by the JDBC URL or by a DataSource
object registered with a Java Naming and Directory
Interface (JNDI) naming service. Zero configuration for
clients supports the network computing paradigm and
centralizes software maintenance.

Plz correct me if i m wrong...
Lokesh Kumar Chauhan
Mobile - 09350229669

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what are the advantages of JDBC?..

Answer / bhalchandra kalloorkar

The main advantage of JDBC is that it is platform
independent (as Java is platform independent) as well as
database independent. It means that any software developed
on platforms such as Linux can be used on platforms such as
Windows, with very minor changes.

Also, u can change the back-end by just changing the
driver connection URL.
i think these r the main advantages of JDBC over

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what are the advantages of JDBC?..

Answer / visruth cv

We know that the sql queries are different in different
databases. JDBC is a programming interface to communicate with the database. Whatever database we use we can choose JDBC to communicate the programme with the database, but we may need to use different queries for different databases.
The main advantage of using JDBC is we can execute database queries by the programme so that we can utilize the functionality provided by the database (with the queries). More over we can use triggers too. JDBC provides many other functionalities (like the functions provided by CallableStatemtent class) to manage the data.
Additionally, loding the driver will be different to
different databases., +91-9895154767

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what are the advantages of JDBC?..

Answer / bhalchandra kalloorkar

Using JDBC has following advantages:

1) As JDBC uses Java, your application becomes platform
2) JDBC is used as front end. So, even if Back end changes,
it requires very less changes.
3) Java is distributed. Hence your JDBC i.e. database
application can also become distributed & take advantage
of robust API that Java provides.

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what are the advantages of JDBC?..

Answer / visruth

We know that the sql queries are different in different
databases.But in JDBC, the queries in the programme are same
for all databases so any databases can be used with the same
programme with the same jdbc queries but driver (in
programme) for the database needs to be changed with
different databases (to get communication with the
respective database). The driver will be different to
different databases.
All answers given are in some way right. Although, when we
work with it, we will know exactly. It's very simple
By Visruth,, +91-9895154767

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what are the advantages of JDBC?..

Answer / rakesh damera

The JDBC API defines the Java interfaces and classes that
programmers use to connect to databases and send queries. A
JDBC driver implements these interfaces and classes for a
particular DBMS vendor.

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