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what are the advantages of JDBC?

Answer Posted / lokesh chauhan

The advantages of JDBC(java database connectivity) are as
(1)Leverage Existing Enterprise Data
With JDBC technology, businesses are not locked in any
proprietary architecture, and can continue to use their
installed databases and access information easily -- even
if it is stored on different database management systems.

(2)Simplified Enterprise Development
The combination of the Java API and the JDBC API makes
application development easy and economical. JDBC hides the
complexity of many data access tasks, doing most of
the "heavy lifting"for the programmer behind the scenes.
The JDBC API is simple to learn, easy to deploy, and
inexpensive to maintain.

(3)Zero Configuration for Network Computers
With the JDBC API, no configuration is required on the
client side. With a driver written in the Java programming
language, all the information needed to make a connection
is completely defined by the JDBC URL or by a DataSource
object registered with a Java Naming and Directory
Interface (JNDI) naming service. Zero configuration for
clients supports the network computing paradigm and
centralizes software maintenance.

Plz correct me if i m wrong...
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