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Explain financial accounting. What are its characteristic features?

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what is the last date of deposit TDS on liability for the assessment year 2010-11

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what is form H

1 Answers  

In excise one dealer gives us two invoice. one is only tax invoice and other is duplicate for transporter.and both are are the different serial no so in which bill is posted in accoounting transactions.

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what is difference between tax invoiced & retail invoice

5 Answers   Integra,

While calculating TDS are we to take the value+Tax and then arrive at or take only the value

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what is break even point

12 Answers   Capital IQ,

what are the voucher entries in tally for medical insurance

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Do you use social media to identify prospects?

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What is ERS(Evaluated Receipt Settlement) in Accounts Payable? How is it related to 2 way matching?

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Explain what is gaap?

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i want to wearies heads under direct expenses and indirect expenses

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Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center)

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