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Explain can the sizeof operator be used to tell the size of an array passed to a function?

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Can we declare function inside main?

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Is there any possibility to create customized header file with c programming language?

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What is the difference between far and near in c?

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What does the characters “r” and “w” mean when writing programs that will make use of files?

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What is a scope resolution operator in c?

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main() { char *p; p="Hello"; printf("%c\n",*&*p); }

2 Answers   ME,

how to add two numbers without using arithmetic operators?

4 Answers  

a) Identify the following declarations. Ex. int i (integer variable) float a[l0](array of 10 real nos) int (*f())() void *f int (*f()) [] void *f int f[] [] [] char *(*f) () int (*f[]) [] float(*f) [] [] float **f int ******f

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how to write a program which adds two numbers without using semicolon in c

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What is static and volatile in c?

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Explain how do you determine a file’s attributes?

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1. Write a function to display the sum of two numbers in the following ways: By using (i) pass by value (ii) pass by address a. function with argument and with return value b. function with argument and without return value c. without argument , with return value d. without argument , without return value Note: Use pass by address.

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