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Explain how can I convert a number to a string?

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what is foreign key in c language?

1 Answers   ADP,

what will be the output of this program main() { int i=1; while (i<=10); { i++; } }

11 Answers  

What is dynamic dispatch in c++?

0 Answers  

Can a pointer be volatile in c?

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what is the full form of c language

9 Answers   Satyam, TCS, VNC,

Why is structure padding done in c?

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What are the three constants used in c?

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What does 1f stand for?

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Is c procedural or functional?

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write a program in c language that uses function to locate and return the smallest and largest integers in an array,number and their position in the array. it should also find and return the range of the numbers , that is , the difference between the largest number and the smallest.

1 Answers  

difference between spiral and waterfall model

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When can you use a pointer with a function?

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