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What is JAR file?

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What is JAR file?..

Answer / ranganathkini

JAR files or Java ARchives are compressed archive files that
contain a compiled class files of a java application or
class library. JARs provide a easy way of packaging and
distributing Java applications and applets as well as
providing security to the code.

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What is JAR file?..

Answer / john

Every JAR will have a MANIFEST file which will have an entry
of all the classes contained in the JAR. IF the JAR is
created manually this file also has to be created and addedd
to the JAR file.
But since we now use tools to create JAR files this file is
created by the tool automatically.

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What is JAR file?..

Answer / janet

Jar file allows to efficiently deploying a set of classes
and their associated resources. The elements in a jar file
are compressed , which makes downloading a Jar file much
faster than seperately downloading several uncompressed files.
The Package contains classes that read and
write jar files.

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What is JAR file?..

Answer / thla thlapathi

i dont no answer but simply i tell u all jar files are not
converted file then if all them contain folder also not

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