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How to see all members of a file?

How to see all members of a file?..

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What is the symbol used for shifting fields in SDA?

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What are the two main attributes, which govern the execution of a job?

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all i need to know about cmpseqdat parameter in cmppfm, how it works and can we retrieve line sequence and date from the output?

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what is the maximum number of subfiles that can specified in a display file ?

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Difference Between Skip Before & Space Before?

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what is the use of CPYFRMQRYF?

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We have seen no of parameter list but If we mention like this 'CALL PROGNAME PLIST ' how to know No of parameter name of program ?

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what is the necessary keyword for non-join logical file?

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how do you know that records are locked?

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How do you combine two record formats in RLU ?

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What are Triggers?

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why is as/400 called object oriented machine?

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