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What is URL Rewriting ?

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What is URL Rewriting ?..

Answer / pramod p deore

URL Rewriting is used foe session management. If We use
cookies for session managemnt but it is possible that some
time user may block the cookies and because if this server
can not maintain the session therefore we use URL Rewriting
as a back up for the session management.

Using URL Rewriting we add extra session information at the
end of URL.

If we use both cookies and URL Rewriting then URL Rewriting
is used only if cookies are disabled.

syntax: response.encodeURL(String url)

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What is URL Rewriting ?..

Answer / rambabu gonela

all URLs on webpage is explicitly written with
reponse.encodeURL(String url) method, URL rewriting will
happen automatically if cookies don?t work with the client

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