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what are the various memory handling mechanisms in C ?

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what are the various memory handling mechanisms in C ?..

Answer / santhi

thre are 3 memory handling mechanisms.they are
malloc:which allocates memory to a variable dynamically.
calloc:which allocates blocks of memory.
ralloc: which can be used to reallocation of memory incase
of unsufficient memory which is allocated earlier.
using "delete" we can free the memory allocated to a

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what are the various memory handling mechanisms in C ?..

Answer / henry

malloc(), calloc(), ralloc() are all for allocating memory.
free() is for freeing memory.

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what are the various memory handling mechanisms in C ?..

Answer / priya

The malloc function allows the programmer to create a block of memory of a given size:

malloc ( long integer lBlockSize ) returns void *

If we decide, during the execution of the program, that we might need to expand, or contract this memory block, we can use the realloc function:

realloc ( void * pBlock, long int lNewBlockSize ) returns void *

When the memory block is no longer used, then it must be returned back to the operating system, by calling the free function:

free ( void * pBlock )

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what are the various memory handling mechanisms in C ?..

Answer / venkatesh kr

In C Language we can use the malloc, calloc & ralloc for memory handling but if we use the above function we should free the memory when the memory is not required.It can be done by "free" function. And also one important point is, suppose if we allocate a memory for an structure and in the process time if the structure is not required the it should be removed by using the "free" function because the system or process will be get crashed on some situations.

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