How to deploy Jar, War files in J2EE?

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Can you write Java code for declaration of multiple inheritance in Java ?

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whether the connectionpooling used in struts?

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can a static method be overridden

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What is daemon thread?

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What is runnable?

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Urgent Openings for Java and .NET ( India, Singapore, Australia, Japan)

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What is the difference between RMI and Socket?

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What is scalable, portability in the view of J2EE?

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how to make a index.jsp for running the site in internet and find an error for connection with weblogic server and java that give an error invalid object name.and how to maintain session.

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What are preemptive scheduling and time slicing and what is the difference between them?

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Explain the methods of Naming class, rebind( ) and lookup()?

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which deployment descriptor element is used to configure the authentication method? a. auth-config b. login-config c. sec-config

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