How to deploy Jar, War files in J2EE?

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How do you download stubs from a Remote place?

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What is resource bundle?

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How do you iterate in Hashmap?

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1) Scenario: I developed my application on local system and everything is perfect and tested. Now on UAT this application is deployed on clustered server environment. They are logical or physically clustered. But application is not working over there.  What is the issue with application?  What are the first things which come in your mind?

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Connection Pooling with different type of databases?

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whats is mean by filter?

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What are the states associated in the thread?

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what about static?

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difference between HashMap, Hashset and hashTable?

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What is the priority of Garbage collector thread?

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What is serialization and de-serialization ?

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What is J2EE?

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