How to deploy Jar, War files in J2EE?

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Write a program on RMI and JDBC using StoredProcedure?

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what are the software's needed to develop advanced java 3 tier application project

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Explain the methods of Naming class, rebind( ) and lookup()?

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how can we load a file of a user in the database table?

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What is a thread?

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What is JTS?

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What are the various thread priorities?

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when A client sent a request to the server to open facebook page and close the browser after this request .at that time the same user do login by using a different browser then that session id will exist or not for the same client??

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What are synchronized methods and synchronized statements?

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Explain bind(), rebind(), unbind() and lookup() methods?

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What method MUST be implemented by all threads?

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explain session tracking. why we used it

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