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Write a program to find the Factorial of a number

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What do you mean by function and operator overloading in c++?

0 Answers  

Is it possible to have a recursive inline function in c++?

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Describe friend function & its advantages.

0 Answers   TCS,

Does c++ vector allocate memory?

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How many different levels of pointers are there?

0 Answers   Genpact,

What is the last index number in an array of 100 characters a) 100 b) 99 c) 101

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What does h mean in maths?

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Difference between Operator overloading and Functional overloading?

10 Answers   HP,

What is the use of endl in c++?

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How would you use the functions memcpy(), memset(), memmove()?

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Write about the scope resolution operator?

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Is c++ an oop?

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