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How can a data area be locked after being updated?

How can a data area be locked after being updated?..

Answer / salil kumar


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What is the maximum number of elements in an array?

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Which command we can use to update a physical file using c.l pgm?

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Hi i have one question In my srvpgm one module ADDM is there now i want to add new module i.e SUBM , please answer me IN STEPS how to write bndlanguage and how it was attach to SRVPGM

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define the purpose of the iter operation?

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What is source physical file?

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what is a composite key?

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how can you specify no duplicate key?

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What are the types of Signature validation?

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what is the length of a variable in rpg?

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what are the necessary keywords for the join logical file?

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write a pgm to read p.f using cl pgm?

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