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What is the purpose of the statement: strcat (S2, S1)?

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plz answer....A program that takes 3 variables e.g a,b,c in as seperate parameters and rotates the values stored so that value goes a to b, b to c and c to a .

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What is the argument of a function in c?

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Write a program in C to convert date displayed in gregorian to julian date

0 Answers   HCL, Wipro,

Explain heap and queue.

0 Answers   Aricent,

What does void main return?

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Q. where is the below variables stored ? - volatile, static, register

3 Answers   Bosch,

How to get string length of given string in c?

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Explain how can I convert a string to a number?

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What could possibly be the problem if a valid function name such as tolower() is being reported by the C compiler as undefined?

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Synonymous with pointer array a) character array b) ragged array c) multiple array d) none

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Explain what’s a signal? Explain what do I use signals for?

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Why header files are used?

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