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What Is Responsibility Accounting?

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If the Rent paid amount including TDS Amount and Service tax. and the company effecting for input tax what will be the entry we need to pass in books...pls help me out. 9964339964 /

5 Answers   Infosys,

What is the Difference Between P & L A/C and Income and Expenditure A/C ?

3 Answers  

how many view the tally backup erp9 after the tally backup in tally

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what is badts and its entries?

4 Answers   Genpact, Ramky,

Hi Everybody, Can anybody tell me how to create ledger in Peachtree Accounting software, means there are some Code, which Codes Comes under which ledger Account.your prompt Answer will be highly appreciated, Thanks & regards, Khan

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Whta is mean by capital budgeting

1 Answers  

In which account does the unpresented cheque will get recorded?

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Why we debit expenses and credit incomes ?

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6 Answers   WNS,

if a company go with new public issue so what effect will it make on the devident ration of present shareholder?

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how will you adjust voluntary seperation payment in cash flow statement

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p i r round ?

5 Answers