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Should anyone be able to serve on a jury?

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What would it be like to live in a country with no laws?

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i'm working in a company my consolidated salary is Rs. 15000/- per month. can i Lodge complain in Labour department, and how much the limit of salary

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What is the point of having a judge when decisions are made by the jury?

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What is the minimum limit to deduct wct or there is no limit.

0 Answers   Chand and Co,


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Hi i am shiva kumar, I have completed Graduation B.A through distance education (kakathiya university), i want to do law through distance, please suggest me best at hyderabad.

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which day is called as 'red letter day' in the indian history

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When was doctrine of lapse made...? A;Before 1850 B;After 1850

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if i purchases in 12.5% can i sell that in 2% in that case from where i can received 10.5% and how

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% of fbt on travelling

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Should judges have a legislative role?

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Are school uniforms a contravention of human rights?

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