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why cant the copyright infringement for literary work exist
in warranty card?

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Hi, One of my friend was working in TCS. Now he is not working. But when he was in TCS, he has referred me. And he has uploaded my profile in TCS portal. He has given me one EPIR number also. Now TCS people are telling, I can't apply any jobs with that EPIR number. Last month I have attended interview in TCS with that EPIR number. I have cleared all the rounds, only documentation is pending. Now my profile is pending with HR, because of EPIR number. I have selected in interview. I am waiting for job. Please advise.

0 Answers   TCS,

which act have to follow for court marriage

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what is the difference between Chief justice and hindi chief justice called Nyaydheesh.

4 Answers  

Ware house(bldg.)taken on rent on 10.04.2009 for Rs. 25000/- P. month, till today rent is on paid, what is liability of TDS, percentage % & in which month TDS to deduct & make payment, what is intr. for late paymet how to calculat intr. from Apr. or May Or June

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I m a indian law student. I wnt to go usa vai student visa. What are th chance for me? Which course god for me? How to face usa consulant?

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what will be the Journal entry for, Goods sold to james on credit for rupees 20,000.?

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how long does it take to release the gratuity,after we quit the job?

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what is the date for filling Quaterly rturn in case it is not submitted upto last date of it.

0 Answers   LIC,

Describe 'respect for the freedom of conscience.'

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Is multi level marketing a legal business in india?

1 Answers  

Are school uniforms a contravention of human rights?

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Many times,civil cases result in compromise and settlement agreements. When was the last time you successfully negotiated your stance?

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