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What would the English courts make of Antonio and Shylock's bargain from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice today? Would they enforce it?Why is the rule of law important?

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CASE STUDY (i) A invites B to a dinner party. B accepts the invitation. A made elaborate arrangements but B failed to turn up. Can A sue B for the loss he has suffered? (ii) On the other hand, if B went to the venue for the dinner party. To his surprise he finds that no dinner Arrangement has been made. B had spent a certain amount to reach the venue. Can B sue A for the loss he (B) has suffered? (iii) A sees a rare book displayed in a shop. It is labeled “First Edition Rs.15” A enters the shop and puts Rs. 15 on the counter and asks for the book. The book- seller does not agree to sell saying that the Real price of the book is Rs.50 and that it had been marked Rs.15/- by mistake. Is the book seller Bound to sell the book for Rs.15/- (iv) On the 5th of a month A makes an offer to B by a letter which reaches B on the 6th On the 7th B posts his letter of acceptance. Meanwhile, on the 6th a posts a letter to B revoking the offer. On seeing it B sends a telegram to A on the 8th confirming the acceptance given through his letter on the 7th Discuss the legal effects of the three letters and the telegram. Note: Assignment should consist of about 200 words per case-let. I.e. totally 800 words (about 4 pages) for the Entire case study. Questions: Q1. Introduction of the subject being discussed and the principle enunciated in the Law. Q2. Enumerate the facts of the decided case on the point. Q3. Explain the decision pronounced by the Court of Law in each of these cases.

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what is corporation sole and corporation aggregate?

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what is the minimum age to become aprime minister in india?

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It's raining and have forgotten your umbrella, so you shelter in an unlocked car. Are you guilty of the offence of allowing yourself to be carried in a conveyance without the owner's consent?

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Howmany members are there in security council ?

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What is Sweat Equity

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We will be receive Form-F from Our Delhi Unit but he tell us that FORM -F issue quarterly . But our Noida Sales Tax Deptt. required Monthly For the F.Y.2006-07 & 2007-08

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Help, what is a district court administrator's role and responsibility?

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I belongs to OBC category,shall I get Non-creamy layer certificate,if yes what type of documenrs it does required.

2 Answers   AIIMS, DRJ ARDE,

What are the duties of the position for criminal affairs?

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who is best to represent cases to the small courts

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If you become lawyer then what wil you want changes in constitution?

0 Answers   Amity,