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What is the point of a judge when laws are made by the jury?

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Should fat people have to pay extra on planes if they need to take two seats

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If original f-form is not available what the provision about central sales tax

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how we can see in SENSEX and NIFTY listed companies ?

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If a Manufacturer pruchases a raw material from a second dealer without getting invoices for availing cenvat credit, obviously he has to pay the excise duty when he completed his manufacturing process. then this does not amount to taxing on tax? What is the remedy available for such manufacturer in availing cenvat credit without invoices?

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What is LC (latter of Credit) what is it use. Whos make LC & Why. How can we ammended a LC is it Posible to ammendment in LC if Yes (How)if no (How)& what we do that LC

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Can a OBC reserve person who applied for OBC reserve post selected on open post without his consent

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onewho did murder,for that what is the action by government?

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what is the full meaning of LLB

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what inventory and depreciation methods are used in by most tax accountants?

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What is the syallabus for the post of Law Assistant in Railway Recruitment Board Bhuvaneswar? What are the main topics covered in the Law assitant exam?

3 Answers   HCL, Indian Railways, RRB,

A man is sentenced to seven years in prison after falsely being convicted of murder. It later transpires that the victim is still alive. Can the convict be sentenced again if he kills the `victim' after he is released from prison?

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