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How much do you get paid in a year?

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Generally civil law requires much more paperwork with respect to filing, document production, motions, etc. Shall you explain about your writing experience and skills?

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My neighbor (a very old working woman) had a PPF A/c in SBI, on 31st of March 2010 it completed its 15 year term and hence the same was eligible for withdrawl, she duly filled up the redemption form and asked the bank to redeem the amount. On 14th of April 2010, the bank issued a pay order but deducted bank charges (as the savings account is with another bank), SBI has nearly deducted bank charges of about 25000/- from her. My neighbor didnt have a bank account in SBI, her account is in IDBI and SBI has deducted the charges for preparing a pay order. Here no service is being rendered but rather its bank obligation to make the payment, Pls help. It would be good if we can help her!!

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when was the supriem court was first inogorated?

1 Answers   HAL,

What is the maximum limit as per Payment of Gratuity Act 1972

5 Answers   Coromandel Fertilisers,

Is trust a type of contract?

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Should the media be more regulated by the state?

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send me sample paper of law officer in bank pre test

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We are registered under Service Tax commission & installation, Can we taken credit of service tax for expenses like Telephone, traveling, clearing & forwarding?

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Does a person holding one preference share in a company,be able to audit the accounts of that company?

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how many Type of excise audit please give me details

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Sir, I request you to please solve my problem as given below- One Corporate is having Manufacturing unit and Trading unit also. That corporate prepared joint Balance sheet & Profit & Loss account. As given below - Corporate 1 2 Manufacturing Unit Trading Division Annual Profit by sale of product Annual profit by sale of Product Manufactured with the help of out sourced from open market for Fixed Assets ( Land,Building,Plant & Rs.150 Crs and sold for Rs.200Crs. Machineries of Rs.100 Crs. Net Profit – Rs. 5 Crs. Net Profit -Rs. 50 Crs. Total Income by clubbing both - Rs.55 Crs. But – that Corporate can avail depreciation Rs. 5 Crs only and rest amount of depreciation may be forwarded to next year. Because depreciation is meant for actual uses of Fixed assets. Otherwise Corporate used to increase the value of assets by over billing just to get benefit of depreciation from the income . Income from trading may be manipulated easily but not from manufacturing.

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Dear Friends, Please send me State Bank of Maharashtra or other banks - LAW OFFICER's Exam Questions Papers for the past five years. I will be highly obliged.

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