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It's raining and have forgotten your umbrella, so you shelter in an unlocked car. Are you guilty of the offence of allowing yourself to be carried in a conveyance without the owner's consent?

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Sir, I request you to please solve my problem as given below- One Corporate is having Manufacturing unit and Trading unit also. That corporate prepared joint Balance sheet & Profit & Loss account. As given below - Corporate 1 2 Manufacturing Unit Trading Division Annual Profit by sale of product Annual profit by sale of Product Manufactured with the help of out sourced from open market for Fixed Assets ( Land,Building,Plant & Rs.150 Crs and sold for Rs.200Crs. Machineries of Rs.100 Crs. Net Profit – Rs. 5 Crs. Net Profit -Rs. 50 Crs. Total Income by clubbing both - Rs.55 Crs. But – that Corporate can avail depreciation Rs. 5 Crs only and rest amount of depreciation may be forwarded to next year. Because depreciation is meant for actual uses of Fixed assets. Otherwise Corporate used to increase the value of assets by over billing just to get benefit of depreciation from the income . Income from trading may be manipulated easily but not from manufacturing.

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"banking company means any company which transact the business of banking". elucidate, what is the business of banking as elaborated in the banking companies ordinance, 1962?

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what is the full meaning of LLB

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Have you any questions about law?

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I belong from Other Backward Class Category I want to Purchase land of ST category Man . What is Process. ? Please tell me.

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Minimum no of contract labour required for obtaining the labour licence from the regulating authority.

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How did you first become interested in a career in law?

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Who oversees the discipline of lawyers?

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What is the retirement age of prime minister of india??

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what is the meaning of grivance

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I am trying to select a topic for Ph.D thesis. I am keen to study the Issue of shares at a premium both by listed companies, closely held public companies and privat companies and their impact on the Investors, the general public and the Government. A new company like Reliance power, yet to start the project, charged investors heavily in the name of premium. Also deuped the govt by avoiding payment of fees on authorised capital as otherwise for this amount the company would have been required to pay a good money to the govt. Similarly many companies are doing the same thing. Can you suggest a topic and method of study so that I can prepare the synopsis. Thanks

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What is a Queen's Counsel and how does one become one?

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