gavaskar average in first 50 innings was 50 . after the 51st innings his average was 51 how many runs he made in the 51st innings

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Integral ET(epsiolan transpose)*sigma*dV P=strain displacement vector Q=stress-strain deformation Find [K]

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Rajdhani Express starts from Delhi at 12:00 pm and reaches Chandigarh at 2:30 pm and Doronto Express starts from Chandigarh at 12:15 and reach at Delhi at 2:15 . What will be the time when both the trains will cross each other?

0 Answers   Cap Gemini,

hello all,i had applie vizag steel plant enternce exam pattern,any body plse send me my mailid,

2 Answers   Vizag Steel,

If all the natural numbers from 256 to 400 are written side by side to each other, a large natural number is obtained. How many times 6 appears in this large natural number?

0 Answers   CGI,

The LCM of two positive nos is 168 and their product is 504. what is the difference in their squares? A. 175 B.216 C.9 D.135

10 Answers   Mphasis, BPO, Zoho,

Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hours a day should 40 men work to complete the job

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12 men can build wall of length of 12m in 10 days how many men are required to build 20 m in 15 days.

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i got good 88% and 94% in 10th and 12th respectively.but now in engineering im getting in 70' suppose if they ask why have your academic performance went down in that case what should i tell??

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. Select the correct statement a. NEXT SENTENCE and CONTINUE functionally does the same. b. Never can code a DECLARE CURSOR statement in procedure division. c. Edited numeric characters can be included in arithmetic operations. d. The Sub parameters of a DCB parameter are Keyword parameters.

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pls send me ford's aptitude,technical and HR questions to my id,its very urgent

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a father is 30 times more than his son however he will be only thrice as old as the son what is father's present age ?

0 Answers   IIT Delhi,

which company is invented the tally software.

6 Answers   UGC NET,