Zenq interview questions for manual testing

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More Manual Testing Interview Questions

what is the diff. between Test Case and Test Secenario ? give me one example ?

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what is agile testing

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Hi to group..coule any please let me know the availablitiy of Database Testing Related Stuff?

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what is test methodology and what is the format of that and who will prepare it

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Difference Between Usability and GUI Testing with Example?

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How many members can write the single test case?

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How to write mail to bug report in manual testing with example?

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what should we do if the developer rejects the bug?

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Difference between build verification testing,smoke testing,sanity testing,regression testing,functional testing,,is there any relation between these testing types.Always i am facing the same question in the interviews so plz try to answer to my question...plzzzzzz thank u in advance.............

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I attendend written test in NDS bangalore in aug 2009. 20 aptitude and 10 descriptive questions. In aptitude they ask sums from time and work,time and distance,tap,feet and inches(12 inches=1feet),percentage etc...

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What is a Test Build Manager?

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define incident and test ware.

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