Zenq interview questions for manual testing

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More Manual Testing Interview Questions

is it true that sanity and smoke testing done by developer to test the basic functionality whether its working correctly or not before proceeding further testing

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IS Mutation testin and error seeding the same....if not can anyone tell me the difference???

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What are the Validation Testers? Their responcibilities? Are Manual tester & Validation testers are same?

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explain V module.

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Why documentation testing is important?

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Define the following and explain their usefulness: Change Management, Configuration Management, Version Control, and Defect Tracking.

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why u can choose manual tasting

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On login window for username and password auto populated field means what !

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Q2. From the below given choices, which one is the ‘Confidence testing’ A. Sanity testing B. System testing C. Smoke testing D. Regression testing

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what is the entry criteria and exit criteria of integation testing.

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Write 5 Test Cases for ATM From Security Point of View ?

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1. what are the qualities of a tester ?

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