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rate for 5" thk rcc slab using rebarring in pune

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what is the rate of 4000sqft rate, with material tile plumbing all work with plinth? Pl. Send ans.

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how much steel bar required for 1 sqm area

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Why do u want to join vastu vihar

0 Answers   Vastu Vihar,

Is there any symbolic or cultural significance behind the structure of the buildings you are observing?

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what is chiller system?

1 Answers  

what was the most complex thing you worked on?

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Define frieze?

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how do we calculate lux for museum building? what is the procedure?

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ssc cgl 2010 may tax assistant ki cut of kya hogi

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what advice do you have for Architectural Draughtsmanship student who wish to became architects?

0 Answers   CCCL,

As an architect, how do you blend contemplory materials used in construction with the natural?

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what are some disadvantages are for using using cement in building a home?

2 Answers   Ambuja,

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