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in tally ,professional fees head will come under which income group ,direct or indirect if the business of owner is designing work or related to creativity

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what do you mean by bank reconocilition statement

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reserve for doubtful debts is wich type of account?

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which chart of depreciation copy for our Indian companies in sap(fi-aa)? please give answer. Thanking you, mohan

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This is a new company & Cst Purchase occured.If I send C Form to Sundry Creditors Then What is the Procedure to collect C Form from sales tax department.

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what is the different between Liability and owners equities ?

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I have 3 units, can i vat returns all the three units only one vat form

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The following transactions relating to ABC Ltd for the month of 20x1 a) Services performed in relation to income recieved in advance total $1500 b)Supplies expense includes $400 of supplies that are still on hand at 30 June c)Interest accrued on the bank loan is 750 d)At the end of june paid rent for 3 months (June, july Aug) $6000 e)Credit sales for the month of June 2009 amounted to $50000. Past expierence shows that around 1.5% of net credit sales are written off as bad debts. XYZ ltd, previously notified ABC ltd that they have gone bankrupt, will be able to pay $1000, which was recieved at the end of the month. The provision of doubtful debt has an opening balance of $800. f) The owners of ABC Ltd wish to revise the balance of the provision of doubtful debts account to $3500. g) Depreciation of one year on the delivary van is $1500. h) On 30 June 2009, ABC Ltd sold an item of equipment for $40000 cash. The cost of equipment was $50000 and had a accumulated depreciation balance of $2000 REQUIRED: Prepare the relevant adjusting journal entries for the month of June 20x2

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is we can prepare any account for partnership in tally

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Wht is the differance between Trade discount and cash Discount?

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what is upper circuit & what is lower circuit? please guid with an example?

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My company has taken a car Full payment car cheq throw after loan from ICICI Bank, Assume . Plz pass the entry umesh

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Explain me your track record in previous jobs, specifically speaking to any mistakes you may have made. There is little room for error in accounting?

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