In cycle 1 we have 100 test cases out of which 95 test cases are PASS and 5 test cases are FAIL. So in cycle 2 how many test cases performed as a part of regression testing?

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What are the techniques you follow to write test cases?

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Difference between or when do you conduct Acceptance testing User Interface testing ?

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Should every business test its software the same way?

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how many meeting in realtime environment? what are they?plz explain?

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why tracability matrix need in manual testing? how to create tracebility matrix for web application.. please can u send ur replies

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what is ur favourite bug?

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If a defect is found in UAT after releasing what can a tester tell to his Manager about that defect?

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What is Defect Density? How it can be calculated?

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Can anyone please answer the below question on Manual Testing: Tell me about atleast 5 bugs you come across in your last testing?

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what is meant by port testing?

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How to test the search functionality.For example in naukri advance search is ca i test that page.

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