What is mis report , how to prepare mis report for general ledger?

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How to Automate requirment mapping in QC?

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"Why do you want to leave your current employer?"

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What do you mean by Rollforward and open item in Accounts Reconciliation?

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what is good will and what are the different types of good will

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Pls let me know Job profile for Account Manager.

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After close Balance Sheet, we find a expense which was wrongly debited in Profit and Loss A/c. How we adjust next accounting period?

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What are the difference between Debit Memorandum and Credit Memorandum?

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what is tribal area allowance means

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what is mean bt VPP?

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Assuming that a firm pays tax at a 50 per cent rate, compute the after tax cost of capital in the following cases: I. A 8.5 % preference share sold at par. II. A perpetual bond sold at par, coupon rate of interest being 7 per cent III. A ten year, 8 percent, Rs.1000 par bond sold at Rs.950 less 4 percent underwriting commission.

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Bank reconciliation statement

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how to know which item is contingent liability? and why it is not taken in treatment in final a/c....

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