Rent outstanding:2500

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what is journal entry of reserve for doutful debts.

3 Answers  

how will you adjust voluntary seperation payment in cash flow statement

0 Answers  

tds,pf,esi,edcation.callculation, and salary preparation

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what is penaultimate sale

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how to pass entry of petty cash in tally 7.2

11 Answers  

what is the meaning of contra, give the example

5 Answers  

what differance Between Capital reserv and reserve capital?

4 Answers   Genpact, Dharampal Satyapal Limited,

What is unabsorbed depreciation ? how its treatment different in taxation vis-a-accounting?

1 Answers   D&B,

what is receipt and payment ?

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steps for finalisation of accounts and related entries

2 Answers  

company office interior work payment paid by MD on his personal account what is entry in company accounts book & md personal a/c book?

6 Answers  

Home furniture sold goods to Jhon for 150000 on 10th march 2015, due to damage occured in transmit rs 20000 worth of goods have been returned on 16th march 2015. What is the journal entry for both the instances ?

2 Answers   NA,