Rent outstanding:2500

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Dear Sir, Which FORM to be used for service Tax deposit challa for security agency or is it manadatory for deposit challan online .

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what is the difference between shares and debentures

1 Answers   ADP,

1.What is the entry sales and Purchases including discount and TCS 2.if sales but suddenly road accident and only party received 80% and balance staled the insurance company what is entry in accounting booked

0 Answers   Hero Honda,

What is batch input? why we use batch input session in SAP(FICO)?

0 Answers   HGS,

investment in share in which account

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A business sold goods valued at R1000 excluding vat on credit to a customer. What would be the debit to the customers account if vat is 14% ?

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we paid bonus how to treat entry and what is the debit and credit

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explain vat breifly

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I have 4 four category of emplies say Admn/Markting/Procurment/Production and the employees of thee category have there bank accounts in 5 or six different banks. How can i generate Payroll advice for the employees having account in A Or B OR C Or D falling under above category

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what do u mean by profit prior to incorporation

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what is , Purchase & Sales Return?

2 Answers   EDS,

Why discount on issue of debenture is shown as ficitious assest in Balance sheet ..? same why preliminary expenses ia also shown as ficitious assets in Balance sheet :?

3 Answers   Cap Gemini, Accenture,